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    Thread: TRT with poor cholesterol, what are you doing?

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      TRT with poor cholesterol, what are you doing?

      So I've been reading and lurking but I haven't found much on those who are taking cholesterol meds. I just recently was put on TRT, Test C 100 mg a week. I have hereditary bad cholesterol. I can eat like a champ or eat like garbage the result is always the same, plus 200 Total Chol. Been that was since I was 18 and I'm 38 now. I have a prescription for 20mg Crestor and it works. However i break them in half and it works wonders. My question is who is else is on the same bus? What do you do for your cholesterol? I've never ran real gear and my results from TRT have been one of the best decision of my life thus far. I've never dipped into gear but after 20 years in the gym and 8 weeks on TRT I'm really starting to look at going fully into it. I had achieved the most possible naturally that my body would build. So my next question, do any of you run gear when on Cholesterol meds? Any drugs interaction problems? How's your liver? Anything to stay clear of? What particular supplements do you take to help? I apologize in advance if these are questions that people have gone over. I searched but didn't have a lot of luck. Thanks again for any all advice and answers. I'm here to learn.

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      So I am not an expert on all compounds, but as far as with just TRT or testosterone it does not raise your cholesterol at all. As for many other compounds such as Anavar, it can raise your cholesterol and being on the cholesterol meds can help to keep those numbers in balance while cycling
      I am currently on TRT and have been "blasting" for the last week on Anavar. I started taking 300mg Test E weekly, 40 mg of Anavar daily and 3 ius of HGH daily. My cholesterol was elevated and with taking Pravastatin I got it down to around 120 total (pre addition of var). I wanted to complete the cycle of Anavar prior to seeing if my dosage of cholesterol med needs to change/my life style change has been enough to correct the elevated cholesterol.

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      Cardarine and fish oils

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      Zocor,Tricor and fish iol

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      Citrus bergamot, red yeast rice are also known to help with lipids.
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      200 total isn’t bad at all, spot on. What’s your ratio of LDL and HDL?

      EXO-GEN TRT with poor cholesterol, what are you doing?
      Beyond Human Genetics
      List: exo-gen@ctemplar.com

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      Any injection will raise cholesterol, including trt.

      Look at the ratio as the post above said, that's as important. Carnadine helps too.


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