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    Thread: Ideas on Cycle for Full Power Meet

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      Ideas on Cycle for Full Power Meet

      Looking for some ideas on a cycle to run for an upcoming meet on April 2, 2022. I have three cycles under my belt. One oral, second test deca (test 500mg/wk Deca 400mg/wk), test Anavar (test 250mg/wk Var 20mg ED 6 weeks).

      I知 in the 220 weight class and I知 currently walking around at 218. So, excessive weight gain is probably not what I知 looking for but I would def appreciate some ideas! Thanks!

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      Ideas on Cycle for Full Power Meet

      I am not a powerlifter but my assumption is mass and strength wins. But you don稚 want to gain much. I see something really simple like this:

      12 week cycle of Test 750 and 600 Deca. Becuase you don稚 want size and more strength I would add TBOL (last 6 weeks) or SDROL (last 3 weeks) end of cycle.

      Or even Sust and NPP with the orals above.
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      Test/Deca and a little Tren..works wonders for strength. And if you wanna really crush it throw in some Anadrol

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      Test base/generous cruise, turkesterone, and anavar swapping to tren 4 weeks out from competition. If winning is everything and health is secondary you could run the var and tren simultaneously for the sake of the competition.

      The days approaching the competition you could use things like Alpha GPC, Acetyl L Carnitine, various stimulants, etc to get an edge and increased motor recruitment on game day.
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      GET SOME!

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      I have some ideas for you. Pm me for my Wickr, Ill need some more info but I can def help on this one.
      "Going that one more round, when you don't think you can, is what makes all the difference in your life."

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