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First congratulations on 6yrs of sobriety and welcome to The Brotberhood of PAIN. I'm Riggs one of your BOP staff members. Don't ever hesitate to hit me up should you need my assistance.

What else have you done to "lean this monster out?"

Others have already asked but I'll be more specific....what's your bf%?

We all know what 6' 280lbs looks like his name is Dorian Yates. So ya I'd say you have some size "Size" doesn't tell us anything tho when you're asking us for specifics like input on an AAS protocol.

I will say at 6' 280lbs most would have at least heart and lipid issues. Not saying you do, as you said your bloods are perfect, but if an individual did have those issues adding AAS is only going to rapidly further worsen their condition. Var is known to be "mildly" hepatoxic but will flip flop LDL/HDL quick.

I'll be honest I've never had anyone stand in front of me and say "I'm 25% bf I'm gonna run a cycle to lose weight." You do everything possible and get down as lean as you can then it's time to consider AAS.

I've layed out more custom AAS protocols for guys than I could ever count but I'm not the guy to give that kind of serious fucking advice w/out knowing if you even train or what your diet is like.

* * What were your body stats the last time you were in your "best" shape?" Maybe on your last cycle?
* * What is your training regimen right now?
* * Give us some specifics on your diet? You cook all your own food?

Also 5/22 you stated your "currently on the beginning of of a 12 week run"....what AAS had you started?

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If we can get some more feedback from ya I'm happy to offer input, should I have something of value to add, and you can always private message me.

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