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    Thread: Stupid question, dont laugh, but here goes

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      Cut carbs add prefasted cardio 30 min am and 30 min post workout. You'll slim down quite well

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      Quote Originally Posted by superdrolgyno View Post
      Fastest way to cut down is to fast. If youre %33, stop eating. Plenty of info online about fasting. No need to buy all these chemicals with side effects.
      I'd have to agree with this. Intermediate fasting will get your fat cut down relatively quick. You won't gain much muscle tho. Continue to work out just not hardcore. Drop some weight, get your muscles used to working out again, then cycle if you wish.

      I was out of the gym for 2 years. Fasted before starting to work out. Dropped 40lbs. Been hitting the gym for almost a year now with off and on fasting. Getting steady gains, ready to start a cycle this week. Been on TRT therapy for that year which helps keep muscle during fasting.

      I won't fast while on cycle... Just gotta try to keep my diet in check.

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      I'm sure you've already gotten a bunch of good info from everyone but just as simple thought to help you along they way, the more active you can be throughout the day the more calories you'll burn so I know workouts will make a big part of you calories burnt at one time but finding ways to get up and move more throughout your day will really help cut the fat and weight off. So taking stairs walking places, just moving your body period burns a whole lot of calories throughout the day. Good luck brother
      GET SOME!

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      33% --start with modifying diet and increasing cardio
      don't even think about a cycle till your under 20%

      diet and lift and run
      and don't eat crappy foods!
      good thing about being at 33% is you have a lot to lose and it will drop fast --just get the diet right - continue TRT and get fat percent down

      cutting cycles only really work (well) if your already lean and slim (well slimmer)

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