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    Thread: Doctor admits steroids aren't harmful at all

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      If they knew the real numbers on the amount of people that use gear with no negative health ramifications, they would legalize them for sure. We all know that it's WAY more common than what people realize. It's just us select few that are confident with ourselves and knowledge to admit we use them. You all hit the nail on the head when saying it's not use but abuse that damages the body. Even at that if that's someone's choice to live life fast and hard, then who are we to say no you're not allowed. We're all here just trying to live our best life we can.
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      Quote Originally Posted by ZOOT View Post
      What kills me is how steroids are portrayed as a death sentence. Like any drug, food, drink...moderation is the key. If you abuse shit, you pay, end of story. But lets all go out and buy some smokes and whiskey,(all perfectly legal) and it's all good. When I was younger, I did all the bullshit, felt like hell for a number of years. Runnin juice and workin out I'm in the best shape of my life and feel great....Moderation bros
      Only if you fuck around and arenít healthy on them . Itís like eating 10 k calories a day of shit . Anything can kill you if you arenít healthy . Alcohol is probably worse

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