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    Thread: My BT Experience

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      So today was the first day back in a real gym. Was fantastic.

      Perfect timing from BT (awesome quick service as usual), so as of yesterday started 50mg Winstrol daily, and 50mcg Clen. Missed my shot this morning, but plan on doing it tonight to get my weekly dosage up to 750 Test, 600 Tren E, and 600 Mast E.

      I tried to take it easy back in the gym with not many intensifiers sets but over did a bit on the variety of exercises. Hey it’s been a while since I had the opportunity to use the machines.

      Did a push workout this morning, and it went as follows:
      4 sets of Calves, warmed up shoulders with some band work, and pecs on a pec deck.
      (only work sets listed, taken to failure)

      Incline Dumbbell Press work set x 11 reps, backoff set x 15 reps
      Hammer Strength ISO Incline Press work set x 8 reps, backoff set x 12 reps
      Hammer Strength Flat Machine Bench Press workset x 9 reps
      Nautilus Vertical Chest Press 2 sets (increasing weights) x 10 reps, x 9 reps
      LifeFitness Pec Deck 1 set x 20 reps, 1 set x 12 reps

      Hammer Strength ISO Shoulder Press Triple Rest Pause Set: x12 x 2 x 2
      Atlantis Machine Standing Lateral 3 sets (increasing weight): x 20 reps, 19 reps, 10 reps

      Cybex Plate Loaded Shoulder Press x14 reps x 5 reps
      SuperSet with Cybex Machine Seated Lateral x 15 reps x 18 reps

      Underhand Cable Fly x18 reps x15 reps
      SuperSet with Rope Pushdown x15 reps x14 reps

      Cable Fly x10 reps x10 reps
      Superset with Weighted Dips x12 x10

      Overall a great workout. Not where I used to be, but got a great pump. Will take a couple weeks to be 100%. A little too much chit chat this morning, was almost an hour late for work, but hey first day at the gym lol.
      Weight this morning was 244.8 lbs. Diet still on point. Might introduce some cardio next week, haven’t made up my mind yet.

      A couple pics from this morning below:

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      Jul 2019
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      3 day update. Over the weekend hit my lowest weight yet of 243lbs. This morning was back up to 245.2lbs.

      Getting tighter. For sure part of is the BT Clen I added in. Started off at 50mcg for three or 4 days, then bumped it to 100mcg. Donít see the need to go higher than that. Iíve used other Clen before but nothing hits me like Bodytech. I never really felt negative sides from clen. But as soon as I increased this to 100mcg, within half hour, I felt it working. Take in on empty stomach, and feel almost a slight nausa when it kicks in. Nothing bad, but I know Iím on a stimulant.

      Also, added in 50mg of Winstrol daily. Looking at pictures of previous preps, I think Iím a bit behind, so for the next 6 weeks I think I will have to go all out. Could also just be my prep brain already kicking in. Either way, I think Iím going to order Anavar and add it at 50mg a day. Will also order some anadarol and use it the last 2 or 3 weeks to fill out.

      My gameplan now is, to go hard on the diet, get lean as quick as I can, and then use a couple weeks to put some water back in the muscle.
      As of yesterday, I decided to add cardio in. Will head to the gym at lunch hour and do 20 minutes on the stepmill. Nothing crazy, but burn some calories and hopefully keep the metabolism firing.

      As far as my workout split, I was going to do pull/push/legs/off, but the excitement of being back in the gym, and the feeling like I really have some catching up to do/rebuilding, I decided to go with:
      Back + 1 set bicep
      Chest + 1 shoulder press, 3 side lateral sets
      Shoulders + Arms (3 x tricep, 3 times bicep)
      Not going to take days off, unless I feel I need to. I think the shoulder + arm day will be almost like a rest day, nothing crazy. Will play it by ear and see how it goes.

      Workouts since the last update were as follows:

      Saturday Back:
      D-Hangle single arm pulldown (lower lat focus) x 2 sets
      Chest supported wide row x 2 sets (call this machine the humbler cause with proper form, itís tough to do a plate a side)
      Mag-Grip (medium) pulldown x 2 sets
      HS ISO Pulldown x 2 sets
      HS Low Row x 2 sets
      Seated Machine Row (plate loaded, no name brand machine) x 2 sets

      Sunday Legs:
      LF Seated Leg Curl warm up sets + x2 worksets
      Cybex Adductor x 2 sets
      Atlantis Hack, x 2 sets (10 reps, 15 reps)
      Cybex Vertical Press x 2 sets
      No Name Pendulum style squat x 2 sets (not a real pendulum, wonít be doing it anymore)
      LF Lying leg curl x 2 sets
      HS Plate Loaded Leg Extension x 2 sets

      Monday Arms:
      Rope Pushdown: warmup sets + 2 worksets
      HS Plate Loaded Dip x 2 sets
      Nautilus Plate Loaded overhead tricep extension x 3 sets

      Cable Curls x 2 sets
      Cybex Preacher Curl x 2 sets
      Seated Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curls x 2 sets

      Tuesday Back:
      D-Handle single arm pulldown (lower lat focus) x 2 sets
      Chest supported wide row x 2 sets (call this machine the humbler cause with proper form, itís tough to do a plate a side)
      HS Seated Plate Loaded Row 1 workset + 1 cluster set of 5x4
      HS ISO Pulldown (plate loaded) 1 workset + 1 set of ď5 in the holeĒ*
      Wide grip Assisted pullups x 1 set
      Close Neutral Grip Pullups x 1 set to failure (bodyweight)

      *Ē5 in the HoleĒ is a 1 continues set consisting of:
      5 full reps, on the 5th in fully concentric do 5 partial reps
      4 full reps, on the 5th in fully concentric do 5 partial reps
      3 full reps, 5 partials
      2 full reps, 5 partials
      1 full rep, 5 partials

      Gives a crazy pump. Pick a weight you can do for 15 reps or so, as this will destroy you.

      Pic taken post workout this morning. Could just be the better gym lighting, but Iím happy with the details coming in.

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