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  1. New Research On T Replacement On The Over 45s
  2. Testosterone Therapy Safe for Men With Prostrate Cancer
  3. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)
  4. Administering a Successful TRT Protocol
  5. HRT Info (Part 1)
  6. HRT Info (Part 2)
  7. HRT Info (Part 3)
  8. A Comprehensive Look at Lab Tests
  9. Blood Test Results and How to Interpret Them - a GUIDE
  10. How long before the effects of TRT work
  11. Estradiol and Therapeutic Management: What you should know for TRT
  12. Trans-dermal Testosterone Profile
  13. HRT/TRT--The basics (by Tulane University Medical Center)
  14. HRT Exit Strategy
  15. Good Reads
  16. 3 years on TRT
  17. Low libido?
  18. Low testosterone increases diabetes risk in men
  19. My Trt protocol
  20. For the smokers!
  21. LUTS Not Worsened by Testosterone Replacement
  22. My TRT regimen
  23. No higher risk of cancer after 9 years of testosterone replacement therapy
  24. 'Low T' debate divides doctors
  25. FDA advisory panel split on safety of testosterone undecanoate
  26. Testosterone Therapy Does Not Hike Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer
  27. How to go about getting of TRT
  28. Anavar and TRT
  29. blast and cruise
  30. Testosterone therapy increases risk of heart attack, stroke or death by 29 percent, study says
  31. Self treating for high hematocrit/RBC
  32. LOW T?
  33. Low T clinic
  34. Low testosterone in men linked to cardiovascular disease risk
  35. The High Price of Low Testosterone
  36. TRT
  37. TRT
  38. Hormones 101
  39. Help with bloodwork results
  40. are doctors sympathetic?
  41. Need some advise or help with bloodwork
  42. Test numbers before TRT
  43. Blasting?
  44. E2 and TRT
  45. Gyno question ?
  46. Talking to trt Dr
  47. To cruise or not to cruise!!!???
  48. Trt/cycle guidance wanted
  49. Going from blast to cruise?
  50. How long between blast cycles?
  51. Hcg question
  52. Question for brothers that blast n cruise
  53. Appt with Endocrinologist
  54. Just got blood work done
  55. TRT Test Crash
  56. Nikplat's 1st ever Blast and Cruise with DioTest Cyp protocol
  57. Bloods for TRT
  58. Testosterone therapy on ABC News
  59. Testosterone and Cognition
  60. TRT more harm or good ?
  61. Subcutaneous Implants
  62. Just for shits and grins, I pinned 100mg test cup with a 29g spin pin.
  63. Giving blood
  64. Cost reduction of insurance does not cover
  65. Maintenance dose of AI/HCG/SERM for TRT lifestyle?
  66. what r the symptoms of low t
  67. A Doc Who Shoots It Straight
  68. TRT and T3
  69. DIY TRT
  70. low t and hgh
  71. Test E and EQ
  72. Bumping up test
  73. Anybody in need of TRT in the Atlanta area
  74. How to bring down estrogen
  75. TRT Exit plan/ Gel Cycling?
  76. Does anyone cruise with test and deca or other compounds?
  77. TRT, any long time users here? How long have you been on?
  78. TRT, any one done TRT via Andriol Testocaps?
  79. Masteron/Proviron and Blood Testing
  80. TRT Issues
  81. Privatemd test panels
  82. New to TRT
  83. For TRT users who want to step it up
  84. Dhea
  85. first blood draws after trt
  86. Tren for over-40 TRT guy
  87. Primotesten or sustanon
  88. New protocol?
  89. WTF. Had my test checked and this is what I got
  90. TRT choices
  91. 3 week holiday
  92. Libido benefits of adding Masterone to cruise?
  93. Managing estrogen with Var stacked
  94. PCT before TRT?
  95. Trying to have levels low for blood work
  96. My lab test results
  97. Androgel during PCT?
  98. TRT
  99. Clomid for TRT
  100. Proviron ?
  101. Adding adex to TRT cycle question
  102. Safe to never come off TRT?
  103. anyone over 40 have prostate enlargment issues with high test ,anabolics dose ?
  104. Single dose of triptorelin gets bodybuilder's hormones going again
  105. masteron , anyone else using this in trt ?
  106. Help?
  107. Donating blood on trt
  108. Pellet cost? My HRT doc bills me 100$ per pellet. 14 pellets is 1400$ plus the procedure!
  109. few questions
  110. Deca during trt?
  111. Self administering TRT with Test E
  112. TRT doctor in greater Boston
  113. Self evaluating lab work
  114. TRT and atrial fibrillation
  115. TESTOPEL and T injection together
  116. TRT Issues
  117. TRT, Low Test, early death.
  118. Doctor is putting me on trt
  119. Coming off first 12 week blast what to expect
  120. Got labs back....Thoughts?
  121. Finally a diagnosis
  122. Going back on TRT.. Do I have bloods list right?
  123. TRT at 25 how it happended
  124. how many weeks after a "blast" do you guys wait to get your blood work with the doctor
  125. Good doctor in houston
  126. Need TRT
  127. Arimidex
  128. How long does everyone cruise before blasting again? curious to others answers
  129. Some General Questions...
  130. Vial Adapter
  132. First blast questions
  133. Normal Estradiol Levels in Men - a good read.
  134. Blood Donations
  135. Haters gonna hate
  136. Low dose Deca with trt dose.
  137. Help with bloodwork results
  138. Blood work in December
  139. First Blast to TRT
  140. TRT and Arimidex
  141. Water weight...
  142. TRT with Deca
  143. My TRT and next cycle
  144. HCG to jump start the "boys" bc Wanting Kids in about 6 months?
  145. Estradiol Results
  146. EQ and Deca with bloodwork
  148. TRT newbie
  149. My Trt Pusher
  150. just had dr visit
  151. maintaining gains
  152. I would appreciate some help with this.
  153. Last post im kinda eating up the TRT forums. But my bloodwork came in and im so super satisfied
  154. TRT steroid test
  155. HRT and the VA
  156. Opinions please
  157. youngest age to start TRT and oldest member here
  158. Cycle Plot Calc // Daily Release Chart Based on Esters
  160. Gyno Problem cant figure out why??
  161. Test E vs Test C which would you choose?
  162. Testosterone drops with fatherhood
  163. How long have you been on TRT for?
  164. No More 10ml Vials Test in USA!!!!!! Loose Potency!!!!!
  165. HCG and TRT ?
  167. Blood Pressure...
  168. Cutting weight while on TRT
  169. Debating starting my own TRT protocol
  170. New TRT section on sciroxxonline.com
  171. trt bloods help.
  172. t replacement
  173. Bloods....before & after TRT treatment
  174. anyone else feel like injecting trt doses is such a small amount
  175. Time for my TRT bloods...c
  176. Coming off cycle for TRT labs
  177. Advice please
  178. Just got the news today
  179. What should I do next
  180. Looking for advice
  181. Anyone run low dose masteron along with their normal TRT protocol?
  182. Any OR brothers on TRT? Need some help and/or advice...
  183. TRT Dr in Tampa, Florida area.
  184. Donating Blood
  185. TRT.. Does it give you an edge over natural test?
  186. TRT & Anavar
  187. 100mg Test enough to retain gains
  188. Need your help guys.
  189. Accutane on TRT?
  190. Suplementing my TRT
  191. Worth it?
  192. Change in Adex dosage?
  193. Methyltestosterone or Gel???
  194. Trying to figure out lab results
  195. Blood test results
  196. VA HRT victim: Disabled veteran needs help with HCG and Arimidex dosage after VA HRT
  197. Bloodwork Question
  198. Switching Esters
  199. First post on BOP
  200. Uninformed Doctors
  201. Leaking injection?!
  202. Just curious.
  203. Cruise
  204. When to make the call to TRT?
  205. Bioidentical hormones
  206. TRT- My 1st follow-up blood test
  207. i hope, but dont think theres a person on the internet that can answer this question
  208. Stopping self TRT
  209. Starting TRT
  210. For the Brotherhood HRT Experts.. HCG shelf life in fridge?
  211. i suggest dhea use. but im talking sublingual not tablets that u swallow
  212. Question about FSH and LH
  213. Lab results. Please help Interpret
  214. TRT... maybe
  215. How should I handle blood test day after 3 months on Androgel?
  216. How long of a cycle for those on trt and 50 (DWBO?)
  217. Is this right?
  218. Low testosterone
  219. Any good TRT docs in Las Vegas?
  220. blood test results, need feedback
  221. trt any reason to stay at 1300ng/dl? or is 1000 fine.
  222. Check out my terrible results and offer advice on how much test I should request. Pic attached:
  223. Too much protein
  224. When do you feel your blast coming on?
  225. i should know this by now trt bloodtest lower levels
  226. Blast and Cruise Experiences and Information Needed
  227. 3 months on Androgel and TT is too high, how to wean off?
  228. My doctor officially blows
  229. Can't get 10ml Cyp vials anymore?
  230. Blood work
  231. Frustrated!!!!!
  232. how quickly T levels back to baseline after A50 and Winn?
  233. Any of our sponsors sell Testosterone Cream?
  234. Liver values
  235. Change in MG
  236. My experience with TRT, ready to try again
  237. How many of you do your own blood draws?
  238. Question about TRT
  239. Yet another Q about blood pressure and HRT
  240. Bloods after 6 weeks clomid use - high E2
  241. Need some help Endo in Chicago
  242. Lab results - high liver enzymes
  243. Chasing the feeling
  244. TRT - Blast and Cruise - Need Help!
  245. A Month Into Trt - question on some sides
  246. Adding more, help.
  247. TRT in North Carolina?
  248. Testosterone help/advice!!!!!
  249. Testosterone Undeconate Anyone?
  250. Trenbalone acetate