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    Thread: Lab results

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      Lab results

      Hoping the experts will chime in here to help interpret. I’m currently running Test e 100 E3D. I also take 12.5 Aromasin on pin days as I was experiencing estrogen sides. It appears to be working as I’m WNL for estradiol. I’m also on Superdrol/Tbol 20/40 respectively but hadn’t taken in the 24 hours preceding the test so not thinking it impacted my testosterone levels. I was less concerned about an accurate testosterone reading with this test than I was estradiol and hematocrit as my blood pressure is elevated.

      Scratching my head on the low alkaline phosphatase, not sure what that means. I expected the high hemoglobin/hematocrit/MCH and have since pulled (myself) a pint of blood as my BP was elevated and the donation center wouldn’t take it. Slightly elevated eosinophils don’t surprise me as I have allergies and mild asthma and these are associated with allergic inflammation.

      Anyone see cause for concern?


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      At a glance cause I don't have too much time....

      Testosterone shows up as Test....Boldenone shows as Boldenone....Methasterone shows up as Methasterone.....and so on. As far as I know (and I haven't read the most current data) Nandrolone is the only AAS that can cause a false Total T result and for that reason we do LC-MS/MS when on Nandrolone. Nandrolone is damn similar to Testosterone. Tren can yield a false estradiol high so we add the estradiol (E2) sensitive test.

      As far as low alkaline phosphatase...you drink alcohol? If yes what/how often? I've seen this b4, he cut back on the hard liquor, added an otc multivitamin, and it was within range on next bloods. Maybe add healthy fats, Zinc, B12.....basically IME (& limited knowledge) it's a deficiency in vitamins & minerals. Make adjustments and keep an eye on it.

      Sorry bud I'm not well versed on ALP.
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      Thanks Riggs!

      I had not consumed alcohol for a week prior to the test, gave it up. Did see the zinc deficiency thing which surprises me as my diet has been tight. I’ll hit a supp and re test at a later date.

      as far as the alcohol thing, I’d expect the levels to be high if there was alcohol induced liver stress.

      I’ll keep an eye on it.

      Thanks brother!

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      Oh and this test used LC-MS protocols.

      Pretty pleased with the Flex test e 200 with an over 6x multiplier.

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