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There are a lot of good core members and Vets here that will never steer you wrong. There's also a wealth of priceless knowledge on the board in the way of threads.

We've had a few of fuck boys over the yrs who will post shit like "ohh man the fuck up and pin a gram of Test and 700 Tren Ace....go big or get the fuck out." But they get shut down quickly by those who actually give a fuck about others health abd success. There's no room for that in the AAS lifestyle/hobby. That's how you end up with a prostate the size of a grapefruit, Kidneys shutting down, and Liver damage.

Stick to BOP and I'm confident you'll get sound advice from our Vets and staff members. Lots of new guys making a name for themselves too. A reputation isn't built over night but I see some guys who I believe will step up as us older guys settle down a bit and let them take the reigns. I encourage this because myself, including our Vets, and my fellow staff members, can use all the help we can helping our newer guys reach their goals with their health in tact....LMAO.
Man my first time running tren ace at 280 a week and my joints can hardly handle the strength gains . Who the fuck needs big doses

As for sides at 280

Joint pain

I got leaky nips but I did some research and apparently due to medical condition I have I'm extremely prone to gyno now versus few years ago before I developed this condition. Fixed with prami

I sleep normal maybe a little extra anger since I added tren but all around feel amaze balls .

Have had the compulsion to play with he wife's butt but hey I've always been a freak just little harder to control at the Moment .

don't beat it till you try it